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Flamingo Designer Keva Socks For Women 5pcs Pack kv96

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  • ★ Be a Flamingo In A Flock of Pigeons.
  • ★ FLAMINGO Cute flamingo socks for women and girls gift. Featuring a repeat pattern of flamingos on base, they have a sense of humour while standing. These pink flamingo socks will definitely make a tropical fashion statement. The gorgeous, bold coloured graphics are sure to make your day even brighter!
  • ★ Cute funny flamingo crew socks for all flamingo enthusiast who will absolutely adore these funny animal lover socks, part of our animal theme collection, get these stylish bird socks for bird lovers. They are not thin or flimsy and will not rip like other novelty socks.
  • ★ Flamingo socks for women, girls and bird lover gifts. Just Shop with confidence. Your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • ★ Fits for women shoe size 6-9


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Flamingo Designer Keva Socks For Women 5pcs Pack

Flamingo Socks Be a Flamingo In A Flock of Pigeons You may be tempted to balance on one leg to show off these fun socks! Featuring a repeat pattern of flamingos, you can express your style and sense of humor with these bright socks.

About Flamingo
Flamingos are beautiful pink birds with unusual pink colored feathers. They are also unique for their “standing on one leg” pose, which no one knows for sure what it serves for. These birds can be found on almost every continent, but their uniqueness makes them a special experience for everyone lucky enough to see them in the wild. They live in large flocks and are very social birds. Because of these traits and their uniqueness, they are considered a rare and unusual appearance.


100 in stock

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